Yuli Design Studio

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由里室內設計 Yuli Design

傅瓊慧 Chiung-Hui Fu



In fact, previous lighting of the houses in Wennan Rd. is the one-sided back-to-back long and narrow type, so it is impossible to introduce natural lighting to the rear part of the house. This makes us to hope to introduce more lighting and keep the indoor and outdoor space connected at the same time.

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Besides, another aim is to build a fun interior design workshop that cuts the distance given to the business between clients and designers, which not only makes the business seen but also intrigues the latent clients.

移除了空間內的阻隔視野的隔間,減少大量非必要的裝飾材料,透光的玻璃書牆讓經過的人隱約好奇著我們的活動, 除了光線之外,我們將大樹搬進來,我們讓小鳥飛進來,讓綠色住進來,一間友善的室內設計工作室,讓業主一眼就看見我們的設計本質。

The visual barrier caused by indoor partitions is removed. The unnecessary decorative materials are cut. The translucent glass book wall implicitly intrigues the pedestrians what we are doing. In addition to lighting, we move the trees indoor, let the birds fly inside and let the green nature indoor. A friendly interior design workshop lets the owner see our design nature at the very first sight.

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