Gaute城市裝甲 Gaute, the city armor


MDT Gaute





穆得室內裝修設計工程有限公司M. INTERIOR DESIGN Co., LTD

余幸育 Yu, Hsin Yu / Millton Yu



Filled with the brisk and tranquil atmosphere, the indoor space essentially decorated with the black-and-white lines presents the overwhelming contrast of rationality. “City Amor” is the design work of a Taiwanese original brand that specializes in merchandising custom-made men’s suits. The open of this store is expected to have an influential and innovative impact on the men’s suits market.

MDT Gaute2


For those who like wearing suits, Gaute’s commitment to accuracy and proficiency has no doubt signified the guarantee of quality. The style of indoor space is neat and elegant, consistently comparable to Guate’s extraordinary crafts in making hand-made suits.

MDT Gaute3


There are no redundant adornments, and any decorative element other than accuracy is forsaken. The selections of colors focus on black, white and concrete grey, which highlight the store’s identity pursuing minimalism and precision, and express the attitude rejecting the vivid colors.

MDT Gaute4


The illumination arrangement explicitly focuses on the crucial factors such as store logo and suits display. The white table surfaces bring out the exquisite suits quality and tailoring. The professional staff members adroitly and considerately advise clients the specialized and admirable suits. There are thousands of top fabrics, interiors and buttons, which are capable of gratifying every demand. The magnificent craftsmanship ensures every suit is one-of-a-kind.

MDT Gaute5


Corresponding to the concrete grey floors, the illuminations scattering through the black frames of shop windows artistically resemble the rational perspective of linear thinking, which brings out the competent and logical impressions of the shop.

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