旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態

當我們還在等待馬斯克(Elon Musk)將我們運送到月球時,這種實際的後疫情的旅行模式不僅僅只是說說而已了。以下這些方式都是疫情過後,旅行的必要措施與改變,2021年及以後的後疫情旅行將會有所不同。無憂無慮的冒險旅行可能會暫時不復見,但科技已經介入,使整體旅行體驗更加順暢和便捷。從自動駕駛汽車和虛擬實境,智能酒店和高科技產品來看,這些都是我們希望很快採用的一些具有前瞻性的創新。
As we wait for Elon Musk to transport us to the moon, this future-forward travel tech is more than just hype. Traveling in 2021 and beyond is going to look a little different. While spontaneous, carefree adventures may be on hold for a while, technology has stepped in to make the overall traveling experience smoother and a lot more convenient. From autonomous vehicles and augmented reality guides, smart hotels, and high-tech gadgets, these are some forward-thinking innovations we hope to be embracing soon.


旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX
在我們等待自動駕駛汽車Tesla的同時,還有其他自動駕駛概念正在醞釀之中,這將改變我們的出行方式。Aprilli Design Studio的自動旅行套件仍處於概念階段,是一個誘人的主張。 專為6至10個小時的旅行而設計的無人駕駛移動套房(將其視為租車和酒店房間)將帶給我們無與倫比的風格和舒適感,並配有睡眠區,工作站和浴室。 然後是EHang的八臂自動駕駛飛行器,可坐兩個,專為小於21英里的短途城市跳車/旅行而設計。 由於它已經在中國和歐洲進行了試乘,因此商業飛行距離不會太遠。
We’ll Get Around via Autonomous Vehicles
As we await self-driving cars (we’re looking at you Tesla), there’s other autonomous concepts brewing that’ll change the way we get about. The Autonomous Travel Suite by Aprilli Design Studio while still in the conceptual stage is an attractive proposition. The driverless mobile suite—think of it as a rental car and hotel room—designed for journeys between six to 10 hours will bring us from point to point in style and comfort with a sleeping area, workstation, and bathroom combined. Then there’s EHang’s eight-arm autonomous aerial vehicle that sits two and is designed for short city hops/tours of less than 21 miles. Since it has already done test flights in China and Europe, commercial flights can’t be too far off.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

加密支付將很快成為主流,這只會是一件好事。 隨著諸如PayPal之類的公司採用加密貨幣(主要是比特幣、以太幣、比特幣現金和Litecoin)(目前您可以使用PayPal應用購買,出售和持有加密貨幣),越來越多的商家將接受與加密鏈接的付款。 交易已經可以通過QR碼,輸入比特幣地址或通過像Coinbase這樣的數字錢包來執行,因此當這種非保真付款方式普及時,這意味著高額的國外ATM手續費和煩人的貨幣轉換計算將被終止。 
You’ll Pay Using Cryptocurrency
Crypto payments will soon be mainstream and this can only be a good thing. As cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin) get adopted by companies like PayPal—currently you can buy, sell and hold crypto using your PayPal app—more merchants will accept crypto-linked payments. Transactions are already executable by a QR code, typing in a Bitcoin address, or via a digital wallet like Coinbase so when this de-fi form of payment gets popularised, it’ll mean an end to hefty foreign ATM fees and annoying currency conversion calculations.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX
適應大流行後的旅行需要進行研究,可能需要進行很多研究。 值得慶幸的是,像Dragon Slayer這樣的應用程序幫助減輕了一些繁重的信息負擔。 基於訂閱的應用程序(每月9.99美元,14天免費試用),它通過一系列問題訪問旅行者的風險承受能力,同時為美國50個州和124個州授予SAFE-T(教育旅行者智能分析)評分 國家/地區基於實時數據(COVID病例數趨勢,死亡人數,當地動盪等)。 此外,每天都會更新目的地特定信息,例如隔離要求,團體人數限制,室內用餐狀態,甚至滑雪通行證預訂,因此旅行者不會迷失方向,可以花更少的時間在Google上,而將更多的時間花在我的度假狀態上 。
You’ll Be Keeping Tabs on More Than Just the Weather
Adapting to post-pandemic travel will require research, likely a lot of it. Thankfully apps like Dragon Slayer help offload some information-heavy lifting. A subscription-based app ($9.99 per month, 14-day free trial), it accesses a traveler’s risk tolerance through a series of questions, while simultaneously awarding a SAFE-T (Smart Analytics For Educating Travelers) score to 50 U.S. states and 124 countries based on real-time data (trending COVID case counts, number of deaths, local unrest, etc.). Additionally, destination-specific information like quarantine requirements, group size limits, indoor dining status, and even ski pass reservations is updated daily so travelers don’t land blindsided and can spend less time on Google and more time getting into a vacation state of mine.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX現在,旅行者將比以往任何時候都要求更高的清潔度,以確保出門在外時的安全。 期望在機場看到自動駕駛機器人對公共場所進行定期清潔。 旅館也在投資於UV-C照明清潔解決方案和用於高觸感物品(例如鑰匙卡和遙控器)的消毒室。 一些人,例如精通技術的波士頓尤特爾酒店(Yotel Boston),正在將機器人清潔服務擴展為免費的賓客特權。 他們的Vi-YO-Let機器人通過集成的UVD光醫院級消毒系統對空氣和表面進行消毒,因此,不僅檯面和水槽中沒有細菌和微生物,而且周圍的空氣也沒有被破壞。
Cleanliness Will Be No Longer Be a Nice to Have
Now, more than ever, travelers will demand a high level of cleanliness to ensure their safety while away from home. Expect to see autonomous robots at airports doing regular cleaning of public spaces. Hotels, too, are investing in UV-C light cleaning solutions and disinfecting chambers for high-touch items (e.g. key cards and remotes). Some, like tech-savvy Yotel Boston is extending robo-cleaning as a complimentary guest perk. Their Vi-YO-Let robot disinfects the air and surfaces via an integrated UVD light hospital-grade disinfection system, so it’s not just countertops and sinks that get zapped free of germs and microbes, but also the surrounding.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX
開始保存那些舊式登機證,因為它們將成為一種懷舊旅行紀念品。 大流行前,使用生物識別技術已經成為一種規範,而不是例外。 從酒店到機場,出於方便和安全的原因,引入了視網膜掃描,指紋訪問和其他生物特徵識別符,現在,它有助於減少與人的接觸。 阿里巴巴位於杭州的Flyzoo酒店使用面部識別技術進行自我註冊,收集鑰匙卡和使用電梯,因此在辦理入住手續時無需任何互動。 在美國部分機場,大流行前已經取消了登機牌,取而代之的是通過生物特徵識別乘客的身份和旅行狀態的面部確認,這似乎很快就會成為全國范圍的標準。
Your Face Will Be Your Boarding Pass
Start saving those paper boarding passes because they’re about to become a nostalgic travel souvenir. Pre-pandemic, the use of biometric technology was already becoming the norm rather than the exception. From hotels to airports, retina scanning, fingerprint access, and other biometric identifiers were being introduced for convenience and security reasons, and now it’s helping to reduce in-person contact. Alibaba’s Flyzoo hotel in Hangzhou uses facial recognition technology for self-registration, keycard collection, and elevator access, so no interaction is required at check-in. At select U.S. airports, pre-pandemic, boarding passes have been done away with in favor of a biometric facial confirmation of a passenger’s identity and travel status, and this looks to become a nationwide standard soon.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

對於大多數人來說,除非我們進行實際操作,否則2020年是不可旅行的一年。 雖然VR的生活無法滿足現實世界的需求,但隨著旅行的重新開始,聰明的旅行者將轉向虛擬現實之旅進行研究並替代真實事物。 特別適用於偏遠地區,很難超越沉浸在臭名昭著的Uluru巨石(感謝Qantas)上的身臨其境的體驗,這種體驗在VR維度上得到了無可否認的增強。 其他3D選項可供探索嗎? 如果您有Oculus,請係好皮帶並去佐治亞州滑雪,探索盧克索神廟,或者只是坐下來觀看舊金山的日落。
Virtual Travel Will Replace Armchair Travel
For most, 2020 was the year of no travel unless we did it virtually. While life in VR is no match for the actual world, as travel re-starts, smart travelers will turn to virtual reality tours for research and as a substitute for the real thing. Especially applicable for remote locations, it’s hard to beat the immersive experience of flying over the infamous monolith of Uluru (thanks, Qantas), an encounter undeniably enhanced in the VR dimension. Other 3D options to explore? If you’ve got an Oculus, strap on and go skiing in Georgia, explore the temples of Luxor or just sit back and watch the sunset in San Francisco.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

想像一下:獲得羅馬鬥獸場的特寫影像,如此靠近就可以發現隱藏在清晰可見的36個活板門中的一個。 不,這不是一次獨家的內部遊覽,這要歸功於您手機中已有的技術。 就像您在玩Pokemon Go或在家裡可視化一件宜家家具一樣,Apple Maps具有增強現實的立交橋模式,可欣賞300多個城市的近景。 除了Apple之外,WalaMe,ViewRanger,StarChart和Wikitude World Browser等AR應用程序還可以通過提供交互式元素(其中一些元素與實際位置相關,而其他位置無關)來探索理想的目的地,因此無論您身在何處,都可以盡情享受旅行。
Augmented Reality Will Elevate the Travel Experience
Picture this: Getting a close-up view of the Colosseum, so close you’re able to spot one of the 36 trap doors that hide in plain sight. No, it’s not an exclusive insider tour, it’s thanks to the technology that already lives in your phone. Just as you play Pokemon Go or visualize a piece of IKEA furniture in your home, Apple Maps has an Augmented Reality Flyover Mode with close-up views of over 300 cities. Apple aside, AR apps like WallaMe, ViewRanger, StarChart, and Wikitude World Browser let you explore your dream destination by offering interactive elements—some tied to a physical location, other’s location independent—so you can do indulge your wanderlust wherever you are.



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

在家裡,Alexa會將您喜歡的播放列表排入隊列,向您講笑話,並分發烹飪技巧。 在旅途中,可以使用Alexa的酒店(尋找提供Alexa熱情款待的房間)可以幫助您打開/關閉燈,從酒店餐廳點菜,並每天早晨可靠地喚醒您。 其他可以改善旅行體驗的智能技術應用程序,可以將手機用作安全的數字酒店房間鑰匙,可以使用語音控制命令來調整預編程的設備,還可以使用智能鏡子來檢測您的心律。The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Everyone’s Best Travel Buddy
At home, Alexa queues up your favorite playlist, tells you the jokes, and dispenses cooking tips. On the road, hotels, where Alexa is available (look for rooms that tout Alexa for Hospitality), can help you turn on/off lights, order from the hotel restaurant, and reliably wake you up every morning. Other smart tech applications that’ll improve your travel experience, using your phone as a secure digital hotel room key, voice control commands to adjust pre-programmed devices, and smart mirrors that can detect your heart rate. 



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

隨著我們朝著無現金社會邁進,小費正在走數字化道路。 像YouTip這樣的數字式小費服務不必將25%的小費加在一起,使客戶能夠通過可放置在任何地方的特定QR碼簡單地掃描和小費:員工徽章,收銀機,甚至是代客售貨台。 並且由於它與指定的銀行帳戶相關聯,因此100%的小費(或一部分合併的小費)將發送給預期的收件人。 使用室內Amazon Alexa設備進行語音提示也將成為一件事情,因此客房服務絕不會錯過小費。 Cashless Tips Will Become the Standard
As we move towards a cashless society, gratuities are going the digital route. Rather than having to scramble together a 25% tip, digital tipping services like YouTip enable customers to simply scan and tip via a specific QR code that can be placed anywhere: on employee badges, cash registers, or even a valet stand. And because it’s linked to specified bank accounts, 100% of the tip (or a proportion of pooled tips) goes to the intended recipient. Voice tipping using in-room Amazon Alexa devices will also become a thing, so housekeeping never misses out on a gratuity. 



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

雖然全知的禮賓服務人員是無法替代的,但在一天中的任何時間都有自動選項來解決簡單的請求是極為方便的。 由AI驅動的聊天機器人可能無法適應老式的浪漫餐廳與時尚而私密的餐廳的細微差別,它可以接管按需請求,例如區域推薦,便利設施儲值和延遲退房電話, 所有這些都無需您接起電話。
The AI Concierge Will Do All Your Bidding
While the all-knowing concierge professional is irreplaceable, having an automated option to solve simple requests at any time of the day is extremely convenient. The AI-powered chatbot may not pick up on the nuances of an old-fashioned romantic restaurant versus a chic, intimate eatery, it can take over on-demand requests like area recommendations, amenities top-ups, and late check-out calls, all without you having to pick up the phone. 



旅行|A World Post-Covid:疫情後的未來旅行型態 |設計盒子DESIGN BOX

從熱像儀到手持溫度計,快速的COVID測試和生命體徵(溫度,血氧水平,心率),旅客應在抵達時進行檢查,以防止病毒感染。 在香港國際機場,他們採取了更多預防措施,安裝了CleanTech消毒箱,該消毒箱使用基於UV的消毒方法在40秒內進行了全身消毒。 雖然目前仍處於測試模式,但預計將於今年推出。 
Expect a Health Screening Upon Arrival
From thermal screening cameras to handheld thermometers, rapid COVID tests, and vital signs (temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate), travelers should expect to be screened upon arrival to prevent passing on viral infections. At Hong Kong International Airport, they’re taking additional precautions with the installation of CleanTech sanitization pods, which conducts full-body disinfection in 40 seconds using a UV-based disinfection method. While currently still in test mode, expect this to be introduced this year.

Source: Fodor’s Travel